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"We welcome talents of diverse backgrounds and cultures to join our team and grow with us"

As a global and diversified business entity, TRAIL NETWORK continuously seeks for capable people to drive the company towards realising our vision to be a prominent catering service provider for offshore oil and gas industry in Asia. We welcome talents of diverse backgrounds and cultures to join our team and grow with us.
Our People
Our people are our most important asset and key to our success in realising our aspiration to be a prominent catering service provider for offshore oil and gas industry in Asia. Our achievements today and in the future depend largely on the collective efforts and commitment of our people.
Learning & Development

With this in mind, we place top priority on human capital development. We believe in fostering an environment that promotes continuous learning and development as we strive to harness the capability and potential of our people. Hence, from the time a staff begins his/her journey with TRAIL NETWORK, a structured development framework exists to support his/her growth, comprising various relevant mindset, capability building and leadership development programmes.
Knowledge & Skills

As a corporation driven by people, we value the knowledge, skills and experience that our people bring to TRAIL NETWORK.
Benefits & Reward

We provide ample opportunities for our employees to step up and embrace challenges, so that they may contribute to the Company’s growth, and in so doing, grow as individuals.

We invest extensively on our talent development to enable our employees to consistently deliver superior performance, while at the same time, enhance their career prospects in the organisation.

We recognise top talent, reward those who consistently outperform expectations and are committed to espousing and exemplifying our Shared Values.

Our total reward package is competitive with the other industry players. We provide for the well-being of our employees and their families, in the form of comprehensive health care coverage, including maternity benefits, life insurance, staff care services and also recreational programmes.

Loyalty and dedication from employees do not go unnoticed and are duly rewarded, with annual recognition and appreciation.
Latest Vacancies
We’ve got some amazing opportunities. Applying for jobs is really easy at Trail Network

Position : Camp/Catering Manager
Closing Date: 15th May 2018
Position : Purchasing Officer
Closing Date: 15th May 2018

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Developing and planning cyclic menus and standard recipes to ensure uniform quality, taste and nutritional standards with seasonal changes.
  • Ensuring food services meets the relevant contractual standard.
  • Managing quality assurance programs to ensure high standards of food quality.
  • Ensuring all kitchen staff understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Procuring, receiving, issuing and maintaining all food supplies and ensuring efficient storage and handling practices.
  • Negotiating cost effective contracts with external food suppliers.
  • Monitoring, controlling, and preparing budget for the food services area.
  • Liaising with the maintenance contractor to ensure all kitchen equipment is maintained.
  • Advising management on food services.
  • Providing for the delivery of Accredited Hospitality training to prisoners and/or staff.
  • Providing leadership and direction to staff.
  • Ensuring a detailed training plan is developed for all industry equipment and all safety operation procedures are highlighted.
  • Ensuring every staff is fully trained and competent in the proper operation of any equipment prior to operation and that training is duly recorded.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Procure materials for the company in accordance with material requisitions and company policies and procedures
  • Raise purchase orders to reflect material requisitions received
  • Ensure raised orders comply with relevant health, safety and environmental requires in regards to operation, handling and site requirements
  • Seek approval from relevant personnel to commit orders in accordance with authority limits in place
  • Verify that suppliers package and mark all goods as required for each order
  • Ensure goods are supplied with the appropriate certification
  • Notify requisition owner of any delays to delivery dates
  • Advise suppliers of any inspection requirements by clients
  • Carry out new supplier evaluations
  • Monitor company expenditure and facilitate initiatives to prevent surplus and unnecessary costs
  • Coordinate the transportation of goods between suppliers and sites
  • Perform corrective action in a timely manner and address any issued non-conformances
  • Maintain company standards for Quality Assurance purposes
  • Present neat documentation, correspondence and records as requested
  • Provide accurate daily, weekly and monthly reports as directed
  • Perform other general duties that may be necessary to suit operational requirements as directed

Position : Sous Chef
Location : INSTEP Batu Rakit, Kuala Terengganu
Closing Date: 15th May 2018
Assist Executive Chef in all duties. To function as Production Manager overseeing the production of food and guest service. Exhibits culinary talents by personally performing tasks while leading the staff and managing all food related functions. Assist with training and development of all culinary employees, works to continually improve guest and employee satisfaction while maximizing the financial performance in all areas of responsibility. Must ensure sanitation and food standards are achieved in accordance with TNSB standards and HACCP standards.

Position : Campboss
Closing Date: 31st Oct 2018
Position : Chief Cook
Closing Date: 31st Oct 2018

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Verify and check compliances of camp on a day to day basis.
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Cost Control
  • Stock Management and Purchase
  • Accommodations & coordinations for new arrivals and departure
  • Rooms Management
  • Crew Departure coordination
  • Supervision for House keeping (Cleaning of toilets, corridors, surrounding etc.)
  • Supervision for food quality and kitchen management.
  • Disposal of sewage water and maintain proper record if tanker hire-in.
  • Supervision of Staff/Workers Canteen
  • Co-ordination with Admin. Dept. for new arrivals/departures
  • Co-ordination with Admin. Dept. for distribution of company letters etc.
  • Camp Maintenance
  • Main Company Representative offshore


  • Organizing the catering and cleaning services
  • Supervise the meals preparation for the day

  • Sharing day to day planning & operation during tool box meeting
  • Attend the morning supervisor meeting with the Camp Boss as TNSB representative
  • Planning and production of a healthy, balanced, varied and nutritious menu based  on optimum use of present stock
  • Properly preparing and cooking of these menus based on modern dietary standards
  • Completely prepare the ordering of all required provisions for the intended period
  • Receiving, arranging, preparation, documentation and storing of provisions and stores
  • Supervising the cleaning and hygiene of mess rooms, galley, dry store, meat & seafood freezer and chiller.

Position : Cook (Baker or Western Cook)
Closing Date: 31st Oct 2018
Position : Steward/Utility
Closing Date: 31st Oct 2018


  • Plan, prepare and serve quality meals and bakery items as directed by steward
  • Comply with customer nutritional contract standards when required
  • Enforced and maintain sanitation and hygiene standards while performing duties
  • Adhere to established schedule for serving meals timely
  • Maintain accurate meal and bunk rosters
  • Supervise on duty catering staff to ensure safe and eficient performance
  • Responsible for all cleaning and organization of work area
  • Control and maintain balanced inventories through proper storage and rotation of products
  • Responsible for timely wake-up duty for entire sleeping crew
  • Train utility personnel for promotability by demonstrating skills and duties
  • Develop behavior modeling and conduct to promote quality work, self-fulfillment and work ethic
  • Establish and maintain good customer relations through courteous daily contact with quality professional service

  • Assisting Camp Boss and Night Cook with preparing of meals
  • Preparing messroom for diners etc.
  • Cleaning of galley, messroon and cabins
  • Stock control and handling of supplies and stock.
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Sous ChefCook/ Commis
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CampbossKitchen Helper
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 Western Cuisine Banquet
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 Chinese Cuisine F&B Services
 Japanese Cuisine Housekeeping Services
 Indian Cuisine Stewarding
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